8 hour st. Ane

8 ur sv. Ane

Date and place of the event:
07.05.2022, Ribnica (Dolenji Lazi)
Start: at 8.00 am
End: at 16.00
Number of participants: max. 50
Start: hayrack in Dolenje Lazi (lower checkpoint)
Destination: Church of St. Anne (upper checkpoint)

About the event

– Prior registration is required to attend the event
Applications are open until the vacancies are filled. until 05.05.2022 at the latest.
– The ascent takes place from the hayrack in Dolenje Lazi along the hiking trail to the church at St. Anne’s. The route is marked with flags and is the only officially allowed route for event participants. Any changes, shortenings and deviations from the marked route mean that the result is not recognized.
– All ascents to the summit recorded at the checkpoint at the church are counted. Checkpoints
they are also at the hayrack (lower checkpoint) and at Seljan (intermediate checkpoint)
The last ascent must be completed by 16.00 at the latest.
– Refreshment rooms will be set up at two checkpoints (upper and lower) (water, tea, coca-cola, salty snacks, dried fruit, bananas…)
– There is no registration fee for the event, but a voluntary contribution in the amount of 10.00 euros onwards is welcome.
– Each participant receives a personalized start number with a chip to count the climbs. Everyone who completes at least four ascents will also receive a coupon for a stew and a drink.
– A special prize will also be awarded for the fastest ascent and descent