8 hour st. Ane

8 ur sv. Ane

9. 3. 2024
Dolenji Lazi 2A, 1310 Ribnica
(Fire station)
Collection of starting numbers:
between 6.30 and 7:30
Beginning: ob 8:00 a.m
End: ob 16.00 p.m
Start: kozolček v Dolenjih Lazih (spodnja kontrolna točka)
Destination: Church at St. Ani (upper control point)

8 hours St. Ane is an event that we have been organizing since 2022 and takes place at the beginning of March.
The choice of date is not random, as there are no other matches at that time. After the winter break, runners like to test their strength and assess their readiness before the upcoming running season.

The ascent takes place from Kozolček in Dolenje Lazi along the hiking trail to the church at St. Ani, a popular excursion spot for the residents of Ribničan. The route is additionally marked with flags and is also the only officially permitted route for event participants.

Shortenings or deviations from the marked route are not allowed. In this case, the result is not recognized. All ascents to the top, which are recorded at the checkpoint near the church, are counted. There are additional control points at Kozolček - the lower control point and the intermediate control point at Seljano.

Every year, the advertised places are quickly filled and the event is attended by quite a few well-known runners. The current record is 11 ascents. A special prize is also awarded for the fastest ascent and descent.

The start is at 8 a.m., the last ascent must be completed by 4 p.m. at the latest.