8 ur svete ane 2024

On Saturday, March 9, the runners gathered in the early hours of the morning in Dolenje Lazi. Despite the bad weather forecast, almost all the registrants came to the start.

After collecting the starting numbers and packages, the group left for the starting point – at Kozolček.

The president of the association gave the last instructions to the runners. Above all, he warned of caution,
as the rain had soaked the ground and the danger of slipping was very great.

The atmosphere at the start was extremely cheerful despite the muddy terrain, rain and low cloud cover. Smiling runners set off up the hill at exactly 8 o’clock.

The fastest Aleš Svetina was already 21 minutes later at Sv.Anna. The fastest descent was recorded by Žan Karničar, which took a good 12 and a half minutes to descend despite the mud and slippery terrain.

The rain accompanied the runners for the entire 8 hours. Nevertheless, they kept returning to the valley and immediately ran back to the top of the hill. On the way to Sv.Anna, they were swallowed up by low clouds, and the rain turned the paths into muddy ruts. However, neither the rain nor the mud slowed down the competitors.
They persevered until the end, until the last minute they tried to accumulate as many climbs as possible.

The top three climbed to the top as many as 11 times, so the winner was decided by the total time of the ascents.

Aleš Svetina won with a time of 4h40´38˝, followed by Sebastjan Zarnik, who was more than 15 minutes behind, and third place was taken by Blaž Dragar with a time of 5h08´09˝.
The best local, Tadej Osvald, who achieved his personal goal – 10 climbs, took the ungrateful 4th place.

The women’s competition was won by Alenka Pavc, who reached the top 9 times in 4h37 minutes. She was followed by Marija Trontelj with the same number of ascents, but with a time of 5 hours 0 minutes.
Klavidja Korelec took third place with 8 ascents and a time of 4 hours 26 minutes.

You can see the results of the competition here

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