Actively across the bridges water forests and bridges Ribnica

Actively across the bridges water forests and bridges Ribnica

Project title: Actively across bridges – forests, waters and Ribnica bridges

Amount, amount of funds: € 90,000.00

Sources of co-financing: European Agricultural Fund for Rural Development

Amount, amount of co-financing: € 68,809.00

Lead partner of the project:

  • Municipality Ribnica


  • Harlekin trade d.o.o. Ljubljana, PE Gostilna in picerija Harlekin
  • Športno društvo Klub ponosnih posameznikov

Project description:

With the project »Actively across bridges-forests, water and bridges Ribnica« we will establish better infrastructural, content and promotional activities for the field of movement, especially in the field of cycling. We will also involve vulnerable groups in the implementation of the project – young people, women and the elderly.

The activities of the Proud Individuals Club in the project are:

  • as part of the Spring in Ribn’ca event, we carried out a cleaning campaign on Saturday, 22 May 2021 and cleaned Ribnica
  • participate in the development of a new cycling service (preparation and implementation of workshops)
  • planting of honey plants – the area of ​​the new bicycle shed.