Imagine nature in autumn when the leaves glow in thousands of colors. Winter, the white old woman, pours snow, wraps nature in silence and our footsteps become inaudible. And in the spring, when nature wakes up and the bells with trumpets shyly peek at the plan.

All this and more are hikes to ST. Ana- three seasons and one goal.

In cooperation with the project of the Sports Union of Slovenia – “SLOVENIA IN MOVEMENT 365 – move with us for a good cause” every year we organize winter hikes on ST. Ana. Everyone who loves nature, silence and our favorite hiking spot can participate.


  • 1 ascent per day done from the valley.

  • All hikers who complete at least 20 ascents in the announced period can participate in the final event

  • The date of the closing event is announced on social networks and on the club's website.

  • The three hikers in the men's and women's competition who complete the most ascents (max 171, or 172 in the case of a leap year) receive practical prizes from our sponsors.

  • Recording of entries is recorded in the registration book, which is located in the usual place in the mailbox at the church of ST. Ana.

Beginning of hikes: Nov. 1, at 10 p.m.

END of HIKES: April 20 next year, at 2 p.m.